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Also sometimes referred to as sports vision training, performance vision training is designed specifically to help you to improve your athletic performance simply by making sure that your vision and visual skills are at their peak. This is important since vision accounts for the majority of the sensory information received and processed by the brain.

Performance vision training is tailored specifically to the individual needs of each patient. Your training program will work on improving the visual abilities that are most necessary for you to excel in your chosen sport. For example, a tennis player requires exceptional hand-eye coordination and dynamic visual acuity. Meanwhile, a skier requires excellent depth perception, peripheral vision, strong reaction times, and focus control.

Visual Skills That Can be Improved Using Performance Vision Training

Your performance vision training could be used to hone and sharpen a range of visual skills that are crucial to your chosen sport. These include:

Dynamic visual acuity: the ability to see objects that are in motion clearly.

Focusing: being able to change focus between different objects clearly and quickly.

Depth perception: the ability to determine the speed and distance of objects.

Eye-tracking: the phrase ‘keep your eye on the ball’ applies here!

Hand-eye or body-eye coordination: using your eyes to decide how your hands/body should move within your chosen sport or activity.

Reaction time: this refers to how quickly you can perceive and react to a stimulus, such as catching a ball that has been thrown to you.

Contrast sensitivity: the ability to tell the difference between an object and its background.

Balance: vision and balance are intrinsically linked, and if you have problems with your vision you could find that your balance is compromised. Performance vision training will help ensure that your vision is perfectly balanced.

Our Performance Vision Training

We use some of the latest technology in order to assess, analyze, and improve your sensory performance – the Senaptec Sensory Station. The sensory station is a state-of-the-art sensory evaluation and training solution that, in less than 25 minutes, assesses individuals on a range of crucial visual skills, determining your individual strengths and opportunities to improve sensory performance. This 18-point analysis report will enable us to build your personalized performance vision training program. The Senaptec sensory station provides a training platform, with tools built as games that are designed to help people hone their sensory performance. Your training program may also be complemented by a range of in-office visual exercises that aim to strengthen specific visual skills.

If you are an athlete looking to maximize your performance in your chosen sport, performance vision training could be the solution that you are looking for. To find out more, or to schedule an appointment to talk to our dedicated team, please contact our office in Sugar Land, TX.