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Eyeglass Lenses


We live in a digital world, you deserve digital lenses

Digital free-form eyeglass lenses give you the sharpest, clearest vision possible by reducing areas of unwanted distortions, known as aberrations. Higher prescription lenses will have significant improvements in clarity. High definition digital devices such as TVs, tablets, and smartphones have become the norm, so why wouldn’t you upgrade your vision to high definition optics with digital, free-form eyeglass lenses?

Ask us about digital eyeglass lenses such as the HOYA Sync, HOYA id Lifestyle2 and id Mystyle on your next visit!


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HOYA Lenses

Eyeglasses Lenses to Meet Every Need

We appreciate the fact that everyone leads a unique lifestyle, with their own schedule, visual requirements, and preferences.

At Horizon Eye Care & Optical, we are proud to offer Hoya lenses – the ultimate in cutting-edge lens coatings, tinted eyeglasses, and sunglasses.

These exceptional lenses are not available everywhere and can only be sold by Hoya Authorized practices, such as our eye care center in Sugar Land, TX. Our opticians will evaluate your needs and match you with the most suitable Hoya lenses.

HOYA lenses in your eyeglasses for great vision.

Lens Coatings by Hoya

A range of anti-glare coatings can be applied to your eyeglasses lenses to eliminate reflections and enhance your vision.

How do anti-glare coatings work? They allow more light to pass through the lenses and reach your eye.

This function gets rid of any blur and double images you might otherwise see when bothered by reflected light.

An added benefit of Hoya anti-glare coatings is that they form a smooth surface layer on your lenses, which makes them water-repellent and easier to keep clean.


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Anti-Glare – Super HiVision EX3

In addition to enabling more light to reach your eyes, this treatment also prevents reflections on the front of your glasses. This way, people can see your eyes instead of looking at a reflected image of themselves. You will see better in indoor lighting and when using a computer.


  • Longer lifespan of the lenses
  • Clearer, more relaxed vision thanks to glare reduction
  • Protection from accidental scratches
  • Easy cleaning due to water-, grease-, dirt- and dust-repellent layers

The Super HiVision EX3 treatment allows more light to reach your eyes, which optimizes your sight.


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Computer Lenses – Recharge EX3

If you spend a lot of time using a computer or other digital device and want to enjoy a comfortable sight, this treatment is for you! It is a protective coating that reduces glare and filters Blue Light (emitted by all digital screens). Blocking these harmful UV rays is important for protecting your eyes and lasting ocular health. Computer lenses also enhance color perception and visual contrast between the background and text.

You’ll experience a more comfortable and relaxed vision, without the dizziness, eye strain, sleeplessness, and headaches associated with overexposure to blue light rays. The lenses also feature optimum scratch-resistance.


  • Enhanced contrast, improving clarity and color perception
  • Reduced glare for more comfortable and relaxed vision
  • Reduced blue light, preventing eye strain and fatigue

Tints and Sun Lenses


Hoya’s rainbow of tinted lenses will help you express yourself with color. Fashion trends for tinted lenses and sunglasses change all the time, and Hoya constantly updates its range of colors to keep you in style.

There are up to 64 options! Brown, blue, gray, pink, green, and a complete selection of gradient sunglass tints… these colors can be applied to almost all Hoya lenses, whatever your vision prescription.

Along with expressing your personality, Hoya tinted lenses will upgrade your vision for particular weather conditions or outdoor sports and activities.

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Types of lenses include

Polarized Lenses for Outdoor Comfort

Hoya Vision Polarized lenses will give you a crisp vision with rich contrast. The polarizing efficiency is higher than 98%, and these lenses block 100% of UV rays and prevent glare. They are lightweight and thin, which enhances their aesthetics.

Colored Lenses for Sports

Add eyewear to your list of essentials for top-notch sports performance. In fact, the right colored lenses can make the difference between winning and losing. Hoya’s colored lenses not only diminish glare, but they also optimize contrast – so you can see the ball or your target clearer. Yellow and orange lenses will improve depth perception and contrast in hazy weather, purple lenses are perfect for sunny conditions, and green lenses will provide crisper color perception. Brown and copper lenses are ideal for all-round sports glasses. Thin and lightweight, you won’t even feel you’re wearing sunglasses with colored lenses by Hoya.

Mirror Lens Treatments

Besides turning heads with your fashionable look, mirrored lenses also heighten the function of your sunglasses. They reflect light away from the lens surface, thereby decreasing eye strain and discomfort due to glare – especially when you’re surrounded by snow, sand, or water. Available in silver, gold, and blue, mirrored Hoya lenses are suitable for all prescription lenses and sunglasses.

These are just a few examples of Hoya lenses that are popular with our Sugar Land patients. However, there are many more, and our optical team will help you make the most appropriate selection for your life.

BlueControl helps reduce the amount of harmful blue light that makes it through the lens to your eyes, reducing the incidence of headaches, dizziness and other symptoms associated with overexposure to blue light. Blue light comes from computer screens, cell phone screens, tablets, and many more devices that we look at for hours every day. UV Control protects the eyes from UV radiation that can cause both short and long term damage to your eyes in cases of overexposure.

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Transition Lenses

Get Great Eyesight in all Types of Light

Clear, sharp vision is important indoors and outdoors. If you wear regular prescription eyeglasses and head outdoors during bright daylight, you’ll either need to switch to prescription sunglasses quickly, or risk being blinded by the sun. Photochromic lenses, also called Transition Lenses, solve this problem neatly and conveniently. To find out how these lenses can help you, please consult with our professional optometrists, Dr. Alireza Somji and Dr. Sana Somji, in Sugar Land, TX.



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How Transitions Work

When you go outside, these lenses react to short-wave ultraviolet sun rays – darkening progressively until they are similar to sunglasses. When the sun sets and upon your return indoors, the lenses switch back to their original, transparent state. An all-in-one package deal, Transitions Lenses provide you with eyeglasses and sunglasses in a single set of frames. At Horizon Eye Care & Optical, we’ll be happy to fit your prescription eyewear with Transitions Lenses!

Transition Lenses offer a number of unique advantages. As they adapt automatically to your surrounding light conditions, squinting and eye strain are both reduced. They also only darken in proportion to the amount of light exposure, so you won’t be bothered by sunglasses that permit too little or too much light to reach your eyes. They generally become shaded within half-a-minute and revert to clear in the same amount of time. Transition Lenses are ideal for situations where you go back and forth between indoors and outdoors, and they’ll save you the headache of figuring out where you forgot your sunglasses!

Good eye health is critical for promoting and preserving excellent vision. With UV protection, Transition Lenses will also protect your eyes from 100% of damaging sun rays. This lowers your risk of many age-related eye diseases, such as cataracts. When it comes to keeping your kid’s vision safe, photochromic lenses are especially helpful for children who never remember to put on their sunglasses.

Call our office or stop by our optical to find out more information. For directions and opening hours, visit our contact us page.


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EnChroma Lens

If you find it difficult to tell colors apart, you may be color blind. Color blindness, or color deficiency, is estimated to affect around 8% of men and about 1% of women, but for those affected, it can significantly impact the quality of their day-to-day life. Contrary to popular belief, being color blind doesn’t mean that you can’t see any color at all. Instead, patients simply struggle to differentiate between certain colors.

EnChroma lens technology is specifically designed to counteract red-green color deficiency and enable patients to better identify the difference in these colors or shades.


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