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Performance vision training is a popular way to get an edge across professional sports competitions. Athletes are not the only ones who can enjoy its benefits. Whether you play sports or not, your eyesight and vision are equally important in your everyday activities. These include mobility, balance control, and other critical functional tasks.

Why You Should Consider Performance Vision Training

It’s easy to think of visual skills as merely your ability to see straight ahead. It actually refers to all of the ocular elements working together to let you see and perform well visually. Here are some areas that vision training can enhance to perform better at work, play, or leisure:

  • Balance. Performance vision training can help improve body awareness. This is the foundation for balance and your sense of laterality and directionality. Age and vision impairments can affect your balance. Vision training will allow your visual system to guide your movement through space accurately.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination. It’s easy to associate a person’s ability to perform tasks that need the simultaneous use of hands and eyes with athletic activities. But, people use some degree of hand-eye coordination skills to perform routine tasks. These include writing, typing on a keyboard, and driving, to name a few.
  • Attention and Tracking. The value of performance vision training for non-athletes also rests on the ability to stay focused on a particular object or task. By enhancing the connection between your brain and visual tracking skills, you can learn to concentrate more. This will help you learn better.
  • Reading and Comprehension. This fundamental skill needs the integration of many vision and brain skills. If you experience double vision and have trouble keeping your eyes working together, you may have convergence insufficiency. It is the inability to maintain binocular function while doing close work or looking at nearby objects. This condition makes objects seem blurry, resulting in headaches and difficulty reading. Performance vision training can help treat this. It can increase the ability to bring your eyes together with exercises that practice convergence.

Your visual system is complex. Visual problems can be due to refractive errors. These include nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. These can be corrected through the use of prescription glasses or contact lenses. But, other visual health issues can arise from poor binocular vision skills. This ability is related to how well your eyes work together.

With performance vision training, you can expect a series of activities specifically designed to improve your visual skills. Programs are designed to develop eye focusing, eye alignment, and eye movement.

Are you looking for ways to improve your vision and cognitive ability? We can help you. At Horizon Eye Care & Optical, we offer a performance vision training program to promote healthy aging and wellness. We focus on various exercises from basic hand-eye coordination, multiple object tracking to visual perceptual skills. Call us at (281) 313-2020 or visit our clinic today in Sugar Land, Texas, to make an appointment.