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Cognitive training also called brain training, is a program of regular activities that are carried out with the purpose of maintaining or even improving your cognitive abilities. Many people are surprised to learn that our brains can adapt and develop new abilities throughout our lifetime, meaning that it is never too late to improve our brain function. We offer cognitive training sessions using NeuroTrackerX – the world’s most scientifically-validated cognitive training system.

Areas of Cognitive Function that can be Improved by Cognitive Training

Cognitive training has been found to be effective in improving many different areas of everyday cognitive functioning, including, but not limited to:

Executive function. This refers to your functionality in planning, prioritizing, and organizing – all of which are essential skills in many routes of employment as well as in everyday life.

Visual processing. This refers to your ability to accurately process and analyze what you see in front of you and storing it in your visual memory for future reference.

Peripheral vision. This is our ability to sense motion at wide angles around us without turning our heads.

Working memory. Another essential skill, our working memory is important for reasoning, decision-making, problem-solving, and behavior and is often used alongside short-term memory.

Cognitive training needs to be performed consistently in order to achieve optimal results. Research has shown that when NeuroTrackerX is used consistently for just 6 minutes each day, it can significantly increase mental awareness and heighten patient performance.

Benefits of Cognitive Training

People from all walks of life can benefit from regular cognitive training sessions. Some of the advantages you could potentially experience include:

Improved athletic performance

Cognitive training is a popular choice among professional and even amateur athletes who have found that regular sessions can enhance their awareness, attention span, and decision-making skills, which in turn can directly positively influence their competitive performance.

Enhanced ability to learn

Cognitive training has also been shown to help enhance our ability to learn and absorb information around us. This is because it makes our brains more efficient at receiving information and remembering it. This makes cognitive training a valuable tool for students who wish to maximize their academic potential, as well as those who require additional support to achieve in an educational setting.

Stay safer

We rely on our brains working with our other senses to help keep us safe in all areas of our lives. For example, our eyes and hearing send messages to our brain to tell us when it is safe to cross the road, meanwhile, our vision and sense of touch can warn us when something is too hot to hold safely. The enhanced cognitive function enables us to make decisions regarding our safety much more quickly and accurately.

Better Quality of Life

When we can function more effectively, we are happier and less frustrated, able to make important decisions with minimal stress and can be more measured in our approach to certain daily activities. Enhanced cognitive function can improve our mental wellbeing, which in turn benefits the quality of our day to day lives.

To find out more about cognitive training, or to schedule an appointment, please contact our office in Sugar Land, TX.