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Many people think that cognitive decline as we age is unavoidable, but this is not the case. Some older adults are able to retain excellent cognitive skills well into their senior years, often even matching or outperforming younger adults. Poor lifestyle and health issues are regularly associated with a decline in cognitive ability and making healthy choices – such as a balanced and nutritious diet, plenty of exercises, and avoiding smoking or excessive alcohol consumption could help to keep your brain sharp. However, there is also another solution that is proven to help – cognitive training.

What Is Cognitive Training?

Cognitive training, also referred to as brain training, is a program of regular activities that are designed specifically to improve your existing cognitive skills, and maybe even help you to develop some new ones. Cognitive skills are the core skills that your brain uses to function day to day – to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. These are:

  • Sustained attention: focusing on a single task for a long period of time.
  • Selective attention: focusing on a single task seven when there are distractions around you.
  • Divided attention: used for completing two or more tasks at the same time.
  • Long-term memory: recalling information from the past, whether that is a week ago, a year ago, or longer.
  • Working memory: This helps you to retain information while you are using it.
  • Logic and reasoning: helping you to solve problems and generate ideas.
  • Auditory processing: listening to and making sense of information for immediate or future use.
  • Visual processing: effectively interpreting images.
  • Processing speed: This helps you to perform tasks quickly and accurately.

Regular cognitive training can help to significantly increase brain performance, helping to increase your day-to-day human performance in whatever activities you do.

NeuroTracker For Cognitive Training

NeuroTracker is the world’s most scientifically validated cognitive training system. When used for just six minutes consistently each day, NeuroTracker has been shown to help improve mental performance and enhance attention, executive function, working memory, and processing speed. Some of the key elements of NeuroTracker are as follows:

3D Training Environment

Since our brain uses 3D vision to interpret the world around us, NeuroTracker also has a 3D component to the software which replicates this and enhances the cognitive training process.

Wide Field Of View

NeuroTracker is one of the only cognitive training programs that train peripheral vision systems as well as those directly in front of this. This peripheral training is particularly valuable for amateur and professional athletes.

Adaptive Technology

NeuroTracker software continually adapts to find your optimal training load, ensuring you remain sufficiently challenged at all times to optimize the benefits of your cognitive training sessions.

Multiple Object Tracking (MOT)

Multi-tasking is something that many people struggle with. A key element of NeuroTracker is Multiple Object Tracking which teaches your brain to effectively manage several streams of information at the same time, improving your ability to multitask.

NeuroTracker provides comprehensive data analysis that shows your progression during your time using the software. With regular use, NeuroTracker could not only help you to fight cognitive decline but also rehabilitate your mind so that you can enjoy a better day to day performance and sustained or even improved quality of life as you age.

To find out more about NeuroTracker for cognitive training, contact Horizon Eye Care & Optical in Sugar Land, Texas at (281) 313-2020.