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MiBo Thermoflo is a groundbreaking treatment for dry eyes. Dry eyes can be quite uncomfortable. If you suffer from this eye condition, you know how difficult it is to find long-term relief.

MiBo Thermoflo treatment can provide vital relief in an appointment visit that only lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. Here is information on the possible benefits of MiBo Thermoflo for treating dry eyes and bettering your vision.

What Is MiBo Thermoflo?

MiBo Thermoflo is a treatment tool that unblocks tear ducts in the eye by applying thermal heat. The tool releases steady heat of 108 degrees to melt the discharges that clog the tear ducts.

Tear ducts are made up of tiny oil glands in the eyelids called the meibomian glands. These glands release the meibum oil that stops tears from evaporating too fast. Any changes to the quality of your tears or clogging in the meibomian glands may cause dry eyes.

How Does MiBo Thermoflo Treat Dry Eyes?

If you experience dry eye disease, your eye doctor will use the heat from MiBo Thermoflo to unclog the glands to facilitate the easy flow of oils in your eyes.

The heat at 108 degrees is ideal for melting the hardened discharges from the meibomian glands for fast and enduring relief from dry eyes.

Is MiBo Thermoflo Treatment Painful?

The treatment is free of pain, and the heat applied from the device is not hot enough to injure your eyelids. Patients who have gone through the procedure have reported that the treatment feels like a soothing and relaxing massage.

Besides, the procedure does not require any recovery time and it is not associated with any side effects or risks. As such, MiBo Thermoflo is a safe alternative to eye therapies for dry eyes. Indeed, it has a 98 percent satisfaction rate.

What Can You Expect During a MiBo Thermoflo Procedure?

Before undergoing MiBo Thermoflo treatment for your dry eyes, your doctor will ask you to remove any makeup and contact lenses. This is to ensure proper absorption of heat in the area receiving treatment.

Your doctor will also apply an ultrasound gel to the part of the device (MiBo pads) that will come into contact with your eyelids. When the doctor places the MiBo pads on your eyelids, you will feel mild pressure as the MiBo pads massage your eyes.

Do You Suffer From Dry Eye Syndrome?

If tears do not spread across the front part of your eye whenever you blink, you may be having dry eyes. Likewise, if your tears are not enough to provide constant moisture and lubrication for your eyes, you may be a good candidate for MiBo Thermoflo treatment.

You can tell that your eyes lack moisture if your eyes feel gritty, fatigued, or are sensitive to light. If your eyes ache in dry or windy conditions, itch, or experience blurriness, you may need to see your eye doctor for treatment.

To learn more about MiBo Thermoflo, schedule an appointment at Horizon Eye Care & Optical in Sugar Land, Texas by calling (281) 313-2020 today!