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Sports Vision Training


Medical professionals consider 20/20 eyesight to be the normal vision during eye tests. You are considered to have normal eyesight when you can read appropriate letter sizes from 20 feet away. However, vision in general is more than being able to read the 20/20 vision chart. In sports, for example, athletes must have a visual advantage to keep up.

Sports that require the athletes to follow, catch, aim, or even throw accurately demand that the athlete have more than the normal 20/20 vision. Sports vision for athletes is a scientific training that gives athletes visual skills to reach beyond normal vision. It gives them an advantage for them to thrive in their craft.

Sports Vision Improves Their Skills

When it comes to sports, great vision is better than a good vision. This applies to athletes who are required to hit small targets. It is tough for an athlete to hit a target when they cannot see properly. It is even harder for an athlete to hit a moving target with compromised vision. With sports vision training, the athlete receives training on how to track and hit targets by seeing them better.

It Helps Athletes to Focus Better

In some situations, athletes must perform with heavy gear on their heads. Helmets, caps, and other protective gear can cause athletes to lose visual focus. A football player needs to see what is going on in the field while keeping his helmet on. A hockey player tracks the hockey puck with all his gear still on. Such athletes need special vision skills. They are trained to have the ability to focus on tiny moving objects with accuracy, amidst all the field chaos.

It Helps Athletes to Look Out for Each Other

Some sports would end up in chaos if the athletes stop looking out for each other. Athletes must look out for each other to avoid serious injury. Sports vision helps to improve their forward and peripheral visual skills. This helps them to be able to work together as teams. You cannot pass a ball to your teammate unless you make proper visual calculations.

It Helps Them to Predict Outcomes

For athletes to make any moves, they must anticipate the result of their move. In all the athletic activities including cycling, driving, pitching, passing, scoring, catching, aiming, running, jumping, and diving, the proper prediction is important. Before making a move, the athlete must visualize the move to predict the result. Sports vision helps the athlete to make the proper visual calculations before making any moves.

It Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Athletes have special skills that put them in their positions. Superior hand, eye, and body coordination give the athlete an advantage. This is because the athlete can react quicker with accuracy. Improved hand-eye coordination puts the athlete a notch higher than his or her peers. Apart from athletics, sports vision is useful in other professions where having visual focus is important.

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