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BlephEx® is a safe and efficient way to clean and exfoliate your eyelids and eyelashes. It relieves the symptoms of blepharitis, the number one cause of dry eye disease.

What Is Blepharitis?

Blepharitis is an inflammatory disease. It affects the eyelashes and eyelids, causing the buildup of debris, scurf, and bacterial toxins. The debris, scurf, and bacterial toxins cause the eyelid tissue to become thick and swollen. The swelling prevents the release of healthy oils into your tears, resulting in dry eye disease.

What Is Dry Eye Disease?

Dry eye disease is a condition where your eyes produce low-quality tears or a low quantity of tears. It causes your eyes to become itchy, red, burning, and leave you feeling like there’s sand in the eye. When the issue is low-quality tears, the probability is there is a blockage of the meibomian glands.

The meibomian glands reside in the eyelid tissue and produce healthy oils for your tears. The oils lubricate the eye. They also prevent the water component of the tears from evaporating too quickly. The oil thus ensures there is all-around hydration and lubrication for your eyes.

Meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) refers to the blockage of these glands. The blockage traps bacterial toxins, forming a biofilm on the eyelid margin and resulting in dry eye disease.

How Does BlephEx Help?

BlephEx is an in-office procedure. Hence, it does not take much time. Removing the biofilm and bacterial debris from the eyelids relieves chronic dry eye symptoms. The treatments unblock the meibomian glands, allowing them to produce and release oil into your tears. It improves their quality and relieves dry eye symptoms.

Other Benefits of BlephEx for Dry Eye

Since the BlephEx procedure is an in-office treatment, it has several benefits. The top one is the short time it takes to do it. Other benefits of BlephEx include:

  • It Is Painless – The procedure involves using a disposable microsponge along the edges of the eyelids. The sponge removes debris and buildup by exfoliating the eyelids. The procedure lasts for six to eight minutes and has minimal discomfort if any. The cleaning needs repetition every four to six months.
  • It Is Non-invasive  The procedure works best in cases of severe dry eye. However, the handheld device removes the debris and biofilm without invasive techniques. It only exfoliates the skin on the eyelid margin, exposing the openings of the meibomian glands. That allows the release of healthy oils into your tears, relieving dry eye disease.
  • It Saves Money  The BlephEx treatment saves you lots of money. Eyedrops and artificial tears cost money, and BlephEx saves you from using this money. After all, artificial tears and eye drops only relieve the symptoms of dry eye, while BlephEx addresses the root cause.
  • It Addresses the Root Cause  – BlephEx treatments address the root cause of dry eye disease. It leaves your eyes feeling better than they have in years. Many patients report relief even before they leave the doctor’s office.


For more information on the benefits of BlephEx, visit Horizon Eye Care & Optical at our office in Sugar Land, Texas. You can also call (281) 313-2020 to book an appointment today.