Performance Vision

“I’m really passionate about making you see well, see faster, respond faster and perform better, not just see 20/20” -Dr. Alireza Somji

What is performance vision?

Most of us think we see well if we see 20/20. What we really mean is we can see clearly in the central part of our vision, but we have no idea what the quality of our vision is or how well our other systems perform. What I’m really passionate about is enhancing and optimizing your entire visual system to improve your overall visual performance, not just your central vision. If you’re an athlete, the difference between being exceptional and being really good is often your visual performance. How fast can you see? How fast is your eye-hand reaction? How fast is your eye-body reaction? How efficient is your brain at remembering what you see? How good is your vision when you’re moving? Can you track multiple objects and still perform well? Do you lose concentration easily? These are some of the areas we can help you with!

Performance Vision Evaluation

​​​​​​​Every training program starts with a comprehensive evaluation of your goals and your visual system.

Performance Vision Training

​​​​​​​After establishing your goals from your performance vision evaluation, it’s time to train! We devise a custom plan just for you and begin to work together with in-office and at-home training sessions. You will use state of the art equipment used by professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, Olympics, European Soccer and many others.

Cognitive Training

Studies show training your brain with NeuroTracker significantly enhances your attention, executive function, working memory and processing speed. Improving your cognitive abilities translates to better performance.

Who needs performance vision training?

​​​​​​​Performance vision training isn’t just for athletes, it’s applicable in all parts of our life. Performance vision training is for you if you want to experience healthy aging, become a better driver, shoot your targets with more accuracy, sink that putt or train your brain to use your eyes to their full capacity. If you’ve had a concussion or a brain injury, the neurocognitive training can help in your rehab.

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