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Excellence in sports requires sharp vision and motor skills. But, sports research and training today focuses on biomechanics and nutrition but leaves out the visual aspect. It’s expected that after training the rest of the body, the eyes will naturally follow. That is not the case. Your eyes need training too. By enhancing your vision, you may improve your performance further.

What Is Binovi Touch?

Binovi Touch is a powerful and dedicated tool employed to enhance vision. After years of research and experience, experts regard Binovi Touch as the ideal vision and therapy tool. Binovi Touch is simply a large panel that has some bright flashing lights. The Saccadic Fixator inspired this tool’s creation. The fixator improves rapid eye movement between fixations as the eye shifts from one point of focus to the other. The Binovi Touch is for the same function, only that it takes a different approach.

The Binovi Touch has 49 LED lights of different colors, arranged in a circular pattern so that they cover as much of your vision as possible. Beneath these lights are smaller lights that give off light as dots or unusual shapes. When the training begins, the lights take on different patterns when flashing. Each of the 49 lights is connected to a physical switch that records your response times. The quicker you are, the better.

The Binovi Touch challenges your mind to process the visual data quickly.

Advantages of the Binovi Touch

Unlike its predecessor, the Binovi Touch design is as flexible as can be. You can pair Binovi Touch with other devices to develop tougher challenges for your eyes.

The portability of the device is also a key advantage. Coaches and trainers can carry this device to any setting and use it to train athletes from there.

Benefits of Using Binovi Touch

One marked difference athletes observe is that their reaction time increases. Fast response during the game assuredly leads to tremendous success. Although the player himself will not notice a significant change in his vision, he may find that now, his brain reacts faster to movement. With faster synaptic transmission, his ability to play successfully increases.

Training with the Binovi Touch improves visual reception and hand-eye coordination. Both of these factors are directly linked to reaction time. Visual perception is your brain’s interpretation of your setting and your eyes’ ability to pick a message and send it to the brain. The change that even a slight improvement makes is incredible. In sports, even milliseconds count.

Training with Binovi Touch enhances your perception of the surroundings. Your vision becomes sharp, and you can respond to stimuli better. Coupled with swift hand-eye coordination, your movements improve significantly, and in the right direction.

The last benefit is that using the Binovi Touch improves visual memory. Memory is critical in the field. It influences your brain’s reaction to events as they unfold before you. Memory helps athletes make split-second decisions because they know what to expect.

With these benefits, Binovi Touch is the ideal evolutionary vision-training tool. Get this advanced vision training at Horizon Eye Care & Optical in Sugar Land, Texas. You can also call or text (281) 313-2020 to book your appointment.